World War 1
Name Next of kin Rank Memorial Unit Date Where
ALLISON John Husband of Bella J. M. Allison, of Baberton Avenue, Juniper Green, Midlothian. Pte Currie KOSB 4/10/17   age 24 TyneCot,Be
ARNOT John son of Alexander Arnot of Riccarton Arms Currie, Midlothian Pte Currie Rscot 19/11/17 age 37 Kantara,Egypt
BAILLIE David Son of William Baillie, of Kinauld, Currie, Midlothian. Pte Currie S Guards 29/05/15 age 22 Currie,UK
BALLANTYNE John G som of John G Ballantyne of Mansfield, Balerno. Born at Crookston Peebleshire. Enlisted Ariah Park NSW. Pte Balerno AIF 30/09/18 age 35 Tincourt Cem, Fr
BALLANTYNE William   Son of William and Helen Clark Ballantyne; husband of Mary Ann Ellis Ballantyne, of 22, Union Buildings, Potter Row, Edinburgh. Pte Balerno BW 16/04/15 age 36 Laventie,Fr
BREMNER William Thompson. Son of Adam Bremner, of Lanark Rd., Juniper Green,Midlothian. Cpl Juniper Green BW 22/11/16 age 34 Dernancourt,Fr
BROWN Hugh Falconer Son of Mr. and Mrs. James Brown; husband of Mary Lonie Brown, of 23, Orwell Place, Edinburgh. Born at Juniper Green. Sgt Juniper Green RFA 04/05/16 age32 Albert,Fr
BRUCE Colin Son of Patrick Chalmers Bruce and Lucy Bruce, of Kinleith, Currie, Midlothian. Lt Currie HLI 05/11/18 age26 Abbeville,Fr
BRYCE Andrew   Pte Currie Cam Hldrs 3/12/2015 Vormezeele,Be
BURNS David M.   Pte Currie S Guards 1/27/1915 PontAVendin,Fr
BUTLER William Emigrated age 21 to Brisbane N Queensland. Son of Robert Butler of Marchbank, Balerno. Pte Balerno AIF 29/07/16 age29 V,Bret, Fr
BYRNE Francis Son of James Byrne, of Ravelrig Crossing,      Balerno,  Midlothian. Pte Balerno & Currie RDF 08/07/16 age21 Doullens,Fr
CALDER James Muir Reside Son of William and Jessie Calder, of 2, Society Place, Pumpherston, Mid Calder, Midlothian. Pte Currie Rscot 22/10/17 age19 TyneCot,Be
CASSIDY James   Pte Currie Rscot 11/08/18 age20 Bouchier,Fr
CASSIDY John   Pte Currie Rscot 7/25/1916 Thiepval,Fr
CHISHOLM James Son of Alexander and Agnes Smith Chisholm, of Juniper Green, Midlothian; husband of Mary A. Chisholm, of Rutherford House, Bonnyrigg, Midlothian. Pte Juniper Green HLI 25/09/17  age30 TyneCot,Be
COFFER James Son of the late Ebenezer Coffer and Jane Goodfellow Coffer; husband of Mary Pryde Coffer, of 84, Gorgie Rd., born at Currie, Midlothian Pte Currie Rscot 28/03/17  age34 Arras,Fr
DAILLEY Frank   Gdsm none S Guards 11/15/2014 Wimeroux,Fr
DAVIDSON Robert  2 possible   L Cpl Currie Gordons 1916/16 Thiepval,Fr
DEA James Kedslie   Pte Juniper Green A&S 4/25/1915 Menin,Be
DEA William Son of the late William and C. Dea, of Reathorne, Juniper Green; husband of Jane Hogarth Mutter Reid Dea, of Reathorne, Juniper Green, Midlothian. Pte Juniper Green Rscot 03/08/17  age41 Zillebeke,Be
DOWNIE David   Pte Juniper Green BW 3/23/1918 Pozieres,Fr
DOWNIE George Cairns   Pte Juniper Green Rscot 7/1/1916 Thiepval,Fr
DRYBURGH Joseph   2 Lt Juniper Green KOSB 6/26/1918 Aubigny,Fr
EASTON Alexander Flemming   Pte Juniper Green HLI 09/01/18  age32 Langemark,Be
FAIRBAIRN James Garnet   Pte Balerno & Currie Canadians 3/18/1915 BosGrenier,Fr
FALCONER John Campbell Son of the late Alexander and Madeline Campbell Falconer, of Ashfield, Juniper Green, Midlothian. Gnr Juniper Green RGA 17/06/17  age 37 HopStore,Be
FLYNN John Brother of Miss Flynn, of 75 Lochend Gardens, Edinburgh. Born in Currie. Pte none Rscot 4/2/1917 Aisne,Fr
FORRESTER Alexander Born at Currie Midlothian Pte none Rscot 6/11/2018 Esquelbecq,Fr
FRASER Andrew Son of Mrs. Jane Fyfe Fraser, of 19, South Richmond St., Edinburgh. Pte Currie Rscot 19/07/16 age 30 Montauban,Fr
FRASER James Born at Currie, resident at Currie Pte none Rscot 25/09/15  age Loos,Fr
GAFFNEY John   Pte Balerno & Currie A&S 8/26/1917 Coxyde,Be
GARDINER William Son of Alexander and Margaret Mann Gardiner. Born at Currie, Midlothian. Pte none BW 22/07/15  age28 Merville,Fr
GARDNER Peter Boyd. Son of Peter Boyd Gardner and Elizabeth Love Gardner, of  Currie, Midlothian. Born at Leven Hall, Musselburgh. 1 Air    Mech Currie RFC 06/12/16  age28 Currie,UK
GIBSON-CRAIG Sir Archibald Charles Son of the late Sir James Henry Gibson-Craig, 3rd Bart., and of Lady Gibson Craig, of Riccarton, Currie, Midlothian. Lt Currie HLI 14/09/14  age 31 Marne,Fr
GIFFORD James Son of John and Jane Wood Gifford, of Corporation Buildings, Leith, Edinburgh; husband of Ellen Thomson Gifford, of Newmills, Balerno, Midlothian. Pte Balerno & Currie Gordons 25/09/15  age 40 Menin,Be
GILLON Robert Son of Mrs. Agnes Gillon, of Main St., Balerno, Midlothian Pte Balerno & Currie KOSB 04/10/17  age 23 Zillebeke,Be
GIRVAN John Dalgleish. Son of Kenneth M. and H. Grace Gourlay, of Malleny, Balerno, Midlothian. Pte Currie Cam Hldrs 12/22/2014 LeTouret,Fr
GODLEY Joseph   Gdsm Currie & Juniper G S Guards 9/26/1916 Thiepval,Fr
GOURLAY William Norris   Capt Balerno & Currie Cam Hldrs 06/06/17  age 21 Wimeroux,Fr
GROSSET Thomas Husband of Charlotte Grosset, of Belmont Avenue, Juniper Green, Midlothian. Pte Juniper Green Rscot 28/03/18  age 37 Pozieres,Fr
HARBOUR Ernest Son of Margaret and the late Thomas Harbour; husband of Joan Cowan Harbour, of Glenview, Currie, Midlothian  Scotland. Native of Cherry Tree, Blackburn, England Cpl Balerno AIF 15/03/18  age 31 V,Bret, Fr
HAY James Stepson of Mrs. Pollok, of Whitelaw Farm, Juniper Green, Midlothian. Born at Currie. Pte none RSF 3/8/1916 NoexLeMines,Fr
HENDERSON George  Yuille Son of Walter and Hannah Yule Henderson Pte Juniper Green ASC 24/10/18  age 22 Alexandria,Egypt
HENDERSON James   Gnr Balerno & Currie RGA 4/9/1918 Ploegsteert,Be
HENDERSON Thomas   L Cpl Currie Rscot 28/04/17  age 21 Menin,Be
HERD Robert born in Balerno enlisted Glasgow Pte Balerno KOSB 26/08/16  age 21 Longueval,Fr
HOUSTON William Son of Thomas John and Mary Houston, of Mid Lodge, Oxenfoord Castle, Ford, Midlothian. Gnr Currie RGA 26/05/18  age 24 Betrancourt,Fr
JACK Guy (Gavin) Brother of Mrs. Catherine M. Watherston, of 4, Ellersley Rd., Murrayfield, Edinburgh. Lt Currie Rscot 25/09/15  age 30 Menin,Be
JAMES Alexander Flemming Son of George and Jessie Keppie James, of
Pte Juniper Green RAMC 07/06/17  age 22 Zillebeke,Be
JOHNSTON Oliver Frederick Son of the late Mrs. A. Johnston. Born at   Glenbrook, Balerno, Midlothian. Pte Balerno & Currie Cameronians 23/07/18  age 19 Soisson,Fr
JOHNSTONE James Fleming Son of John and Margaret Fleming Johnstone, of 3, Dalrymple Place, Edinburgh. Rfl Juniper Green West Yorks 28/07/18  age 19 Chambrecy, Marne Fr
KING William Son of Septimus and Annie King, of 1, St. Ann's
Park, Juniper Green, Midlothian. Born at Juniper Green, Midlothian.
Pte Juniper Green Cameronians 08/03/18  age 18 Colinton,UK
KIRKHOPE James Tait Born at Currie Pte none Rscot 23/04/17  age 27 Arras,Fr
KNOX William   Pte Currie Tank Corp 8/29/2018 Vauxhill,Fr
KYLE John   Pte none Rscot 4/2/1918 CiteBonjean,Fr
LAIDLAW William  MM Husband of Jeanie Gilliland (formerly Laidlaw), of Buchanan St., Balfron, Stirlingshire. Lived at Kirknewton, enlisted at Balerno. Sgt Currie Rscot 21/10/18   age 27 Anzegem,Be
LEWIS Frederick   Pte Currie Rscot 7/1/1916 Thiepval,Fr
LIND William   Pte none Rscot 11/23/1917 Grevillers,Fr
LISLE  Alister S.  (Lyall on panel) Son of George Lisle, of 5 North St.David St., Edinburgh. (name is Lisle not Lyall as on Memorial) Boy 1 Cl Juniper Green RN HMS Vanguard 09/07/17  age 16 Chatham, UK
MACFARLANE Ian Son of the Rev. Norman C. and Annie Livingston
Macfarlane, of The United Free Church Manse, Juniper Green, Edinburgh. Studied at Edinburgh. Medical Missionary at Nazareth, Palestine, 1911-14. Joined H.M. Forces in 1915. Also served in France.. Born in Aberdeenshire
Capt Juniper Green RAMC 18/07/17  age 29 Kantara,Egypt
MACKENZIE Donald Chisholm. Son of Euan and Annie Mackenzie, of Juniper Green, Edinburgh. Pte Juniper Green Rscot 18/08/18  age 19 Caestre,Fr
MARSHALL Peter Son of Robert and Margaret Marshall, of Balerno Bank, Balerno, Midlothian. L S'man Currie RN HMS Caldergrove 07/03/17  age 30 Plymouth,UK
MARSHALL William Son of Robert and Margaret Marshall, of Balerno Bank, Balerno, Midlothian. Tpr Currie S Greys 30/06/17  age 21 Thiepval,Fr
MARTIN Alexander Born Kirknewton lived in Balerno Pte Currie RSF 9/19/2018 Doiran,Gr
MAXWELL William J Son of Mrs. Minnie Maxwell, of The Stables, Cumminghamhead, Kilmarnock. Resident at Currie, Midlothian. Pte none RSF 11/04/17  age 21 MonchyLePreux,Fr
McCAIG Peter Son of John and Grace Ralston McCaig, of Stoneykirk, Wigtownshire. Lt Juniper Green RFC 27/09/18  age 22 Haynecourt,Fr
McCUE Frank Son of James and Helen McCue of Balerno, Midlothian. Enlisted at Dunfermline. Pte Balerno & Currie RDF 01/07/16  age 21 Thiepval,Fr
McCUE James Native of Belfast. Son of the late James McCue. Pte Balerno RIF 6/21/2016 Bethune,Fr
McEWEN James  2 poss   L Cpl Currie Gordons 1915or1916 UK or Fluerbaix,Fr
MCGHEE Thomas Born at Currie, resident at East Calder Pte none Rscot 10/1/1918 Ledeghem,Be
McGOVERN Frank Son of Mrs. McGovern, of 32, St. Mary St., Edinburgh. Born Balerno, enlisted Edinburgh . Cpl Balerno & Currie Rscot 12/11/17  age 23 Jerusalem,Is
McGREGOR John   Pte Currie Rscot 4/24/1917 Gavrelle,Fr
McGUIGAN Arthur Son of James and Nellie S. McGuigan, of Belmont
Avenue, Juniper Green, Midlothian.
Pte Colinton Rscot 28/04/17  age 21 Arras,Fr
McGUIGAN Samuel   L Cpl Juniper Green Cam Hldrs 11/11/1914 TyneCot,Be
McINTOSH Wiliam   Pte Balerno Kings Liv 4/9/1917 Ficheux,Fr
McLEAN  Neil Son of the late John McLean. Pte none RSF 30/07/16  age 18 Thiepval,Fr
McMENIGALL Thomas  Husband of Isabella McMenigall, of Weiss Cottages, Currie, Midlothian. Pte Currie A&S 10/06/16  age 38 Salonika,Gr
MELROSE Walter Son of George Melrose, of Kinauld, Currie, Midlothian. Pte Currie Rscot 6/28/1915 Helles,Turkey
MESSER David L. Born Currie enlisted Edinburgh resident in Balerno. Pte Currie Rscot 4/9/1917 Roclincourt,Fr
MICHIE James Son of David Michie, of Helen Bank, Juniper Green; husband of Cecilia Michie, of Helen Bank, Juniper Green, Midlothian. Pte Juniper Green Rscot 19/08/17  age 36 Le Treport,Fr
MITCHELL James Son of David Mitchell, of "Homefield," Lanark Rd., Juniper Green, Midlothian. Sgt Juniper Green Canadians 11/8/1916 Colinton,UK
MOFFAT Archibald   Pte Currie Seaforths 12/28/1917 Tincourt,Fr
MUIR John   Sgt Juniper Green Canadians 5/24/1915 Vimy,Fr
MURDOCH John   Pte Juniper Green Rscot 11/4/1917 Egypt
MURRAY Robert Ward   Pte Currie Cameronians 8/6/1918 Sucrerie,Fr
NAPIER John Son of Thomas Napier, Stuart's Buildings, Juniper Green, Midlothian. Sgt Juniper Green Rscot 01/08/17  age 22 Menin,Be
NOTMAN George   Pte none Seaforths 10/30/1917 Poperinghe,Be
ORR David Fairbairn Born Balerno, enlisted Edinburgh resided at Leith. A Cpl none Rscot 9/20/1917 TyneCot,Be
PARIS James Son of William and Christina Paris, of Bellsquarry, West Calder, Midlothian. Pte Juniper Green Tank Corp 08/08/18  age 19 Vis-en-Artois,Fr
PATON William  Robertson Hamilton Son of James Paton and Agnes Robertson Paton; husband of Elizabeth D. Paton, of 109, High St., Dunfermline, Scotland. Late of Victoria, British Columbia. CSM Juniper Green Canadians 12/09/16  age 38 Poperinghe,Be
PATTISON Peterswald M.B. Ch.B.  Son of Gilchrist Gray Pattison. Born at
Lt Juniper Green RAMC 22/02/16  age 39 Warriston,UK
PEGGIE Harry E. Youngest son of Elizabeth Peggie, of 1, Pentland Villas, Juniper Green, Midlothian, and the late Daniel Robertson Peggie. L Cpl Juniper Green Gordons 23/08/18  age 18 Vis-en-Artois,Fr
PEPPER Frederick  10poss     Currie ? ? ?
PHILP William Son of George Philp of Braeburn, Currie, Midlothian. Pte Balerno & Currie Gordons 31/03/16  age 18 Menin,Be
PRYDE William Son of the late Robert and Jane Pryde; husband of Susan Pryde, of South Park, Juniper Green, Midlothian. Sgt Juniper Green Cameronians 22/10/14  age 31 Ploegsteert,Be
PURVES Thomas   Pte Currie Rscot 4/25/1918 TyneCot,Be
RANKIN Walter Son of William Rankin, of Malleny Bank, Balerno,
L Cpl Currie HLI 09/07/17  age 28 Nieuport,Be
RITCHIE Robert MM   L Cpl Juniper Green Cameronians 6/22/1917 Croisilles,Fr
ROBERTSON  Peter Son of Peter and Alison Robertson, of Sight Hill,
Corstorphine, Edinburgh.
L Cpl Currie Rscot 09/04/17  age 20 Roclincourt,Fr
ROBERTSON John Son of Alexander and Janet Robertson; husband of Janet Russell Robertson, of Malleny Mills, Balerno, Midlothian Pte Currie KOSB 13/11/17  age 28 Ramleh,Is
ROBERTSON William Maxwell. Died of wounds received at Soissons. Son of Charles and Annie Robertson, of Ridgemhor, Colinton, Midlothian 2 Lt Juniper Green Rscot 02/08/18  age 20 Senlis,Fr
ROSS Andrew   Pte none HLI 4/14/1918 Souchez,Fr
ROY Hugh Wright Son of John and Elizabeth Roy, of Alva,
Clackmannanshire; husband of Annie C. Roy, of Harburn Rd., West Calder, Midlothian.
Pte Juniper Green Cameronians 22/05/17  age 34 Etaples,Fr
RUDLAND John Kirkton Son of David and Elizabeth Rudland, of The Bungalow, Juniper Green, Edinburgh. Gnr Juniper Green RFA 24/09/17   age 23 Kemmel,Be
SCOTT  Henry (Harry) Son of Robert and Henrietta Scott, of Ashfield Place, Juniper Green, Midlothian. Pte Juniper Green Rscot 26/08/18  age 25 Wancourt,Fr
SCOTT Charles Fergusson. Son of Alexander and Mary F. Scott, of "Beacholme," Juniper Green, Edinburgh. S Sgt Juniper Green RHA 08/11/16  age 24 Mametz,Fr
SCOTT James Son of William and Elizabeth A. Scott, of Currie-muir-end, Juniper Green, Midlothian. Pte Juniper Green Rscot 28/06/15   age 21 Helles,Turkey
SEMPLE John     3possible   Pte Balerno RIF RSF or Cam's 1915/17/18 ?
SHANKIE Robert Brash. Son of John and Barbara Shankie, of Larchgrove Lodge, Balerno, Midlothian. Native of Balerno. Pte Balerno & Currie Rscot 11/04/17  age 19 Etaples,Fr
SHANKIE Thomas Robert. Son of John and Barbara Shankie, of Larchgrove Lodge, Balerno, Midlothian. Native of Balerno. Pte Balerno & Currie Rscot 20/11/16  age 23 Thiepval,Fr
SIMS Thomas   Gnr Currie RFA 1/12/1920 HerneBay,UK
SINCLAIR James A. DCM Son of James Alexander and Clementina McDonald Sinclair. Native of Edinburgh. L Cpl Currie A&S 11/05/15  age 25 Menin,Be
SMART Alexander Son of Alexander and Isabella Smart, of Helen Bank, Juniper Green, Edinburgh. Pte Currie Rscot 25/08/17  age 21 Thiepval,Fr
SMITH John    44possibles     Currie BW ? ?
SMITH Thomas Lawrie. Son of Robert and Betsy Smith, of Warriston,
Currie, Midlothian; husband of Jessie Smith (nee Prentice) of 80, Brunsbane Rd., Joppa,  Midlothian
Lt Currie MGC 18/09/18  age 35 Gouzecourt,Fr
SNEDDON David Rae Son of James and Mary Sneddon, of Balerno, Midlothian; husband of Margaret S. Sneddon, of Maryfield House, Chirnside Station, Berwickshire. Pte Balerno RAMC 25/08/18  age 33 Salonika,Gr
STARK James   Pte Currie Cameronians 12/22/1914 LeTouret,Fr
STARK Michael MM   Pte Currie Canadians 11/10/1917 Menin,Be
STEEL Robert Page Brother of J. Steel, of 7, Blackwood Crescent,
Edinburgh. Born at Currie, Midlothian.
Pte none Rscot 09/04/17  age 25 Roclincourt,Fr
STEELL Nurse Constance M.   War Nurse Juniper Green ? ? ?
STENHOUSE Andrew   Pte none Rscot 3/21/1918 Arras,Fr
STEWART John   Sppr Currie RE 7/15/1915 Helles,Turkey
STRAITON William   Pte Currie Rscot 11/12/1917 Jerusalem,Is
STUART Peter Maxwell Resident of  Currie, Midlothian.

Pte Currie Rscot 4/9/1917 Arras,Fr
SWAN Peter   Gdsm Balerno & Currie S Guards 9/10/1916 Thiepval,Fr
TANSEY John   Pte none Rscot 3/28/1918 TyneCot,Be
TAYLOR John Foster son of Mrs. Henrietta Macdonald, of Stuartville, Juniper Green, Midlothian. Pte none Manchesters 3/21/1918 Pozieres,Fr
TELFER Maitland   Pte Currie Rscot 8/22/1917 TyneCot,Be
THOMSON Kenneth Douglas Son of the late James Wishart Thomson and Mrs. Thomson, of Glenpark, Balerno, Midlothian. 2 Lt Balerno & Currie A&S 18/07/16  age 29 Bray,Fr
TODD William Son of William and Mary Rose Todd, of Lanark Rd., Juniper Green, Midlothian. Native of Edinburgh. Sgt Juniper Green RFA 07/08/16  age 20 Rouen,FR
TORRANCE George Son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Torrance, of 435, Trent Avenue, East Kildonan, Winnipeg, Canada. Native of Edinburgh, Scotland. Pte Currie Canadians 15/08/15  age 21 Wandsworth,UK
TRAILL Robert   Pte Currie Rscot 3/21/1917 Arras,Fr
TRAILL William   Pte Currie Rscot 1/24/1918 Fillieures,Fr
TURNER Robert Holmes Son of James and Mary Turner, of Firtree Park,
Juniper Green, Midlothian.
Pte Currie Rscot 16/09/17  age 27 Zuydecoote,Be
TWEEDIE Alexander Son of John and Christina Tweedie, of Baberton
Avenue, Juniper Green, Midlothian.
Pte Currie Gordons 26/10/17  age 21 TyneCot,Be
URQUHART Thomas   Pte Currie AIF 7/29/1916 V,Bret,Fr
WATT Andrew Born at Currie. Pte none KOSB 4/12/1917 MonchyLePreux,Fr
WEIR John B.   L Cpl Juniper Green Rscot 4/9/1918 Ploegsteert,Be
WHITE George  MM Son of John and Jessie White, of Lanark Rd., Currie, Midlothian. Pte Currie Rscot 24/10/17  age 20 TyneCot,Be
WHITE John Robertson Son of Mrs. Isabella White, of Smith's Buildings,
IBalerno, Midlothian.
Pte Currie Rscot 13/10/17  age 28 TyneCot,Be
WILLIAMSON Adam Son of Helen Williamson, of Curriemuirend, Juniper Green, Midlothian, and the late Kenneth Williamson Pte Juniper Green Gordons 21/08/18  age 18 Wytschaete,Be
WILLIAMSON John Son of Helen Williamson, of Currie Muirend,
Juniper Green, Midlothian, and the late Kenneth Williamson.
L Sgt Juniper Green Canadians 28/09/18  age 35 FontaineND,Fr
WILLIAMSON John  (15th HLI)   Pte Currie HLI 15th 4/3/1918 Arras,Fr
WILLIAMSON John   (1st HLI) Son of the late William Williamson and Jane McCall Williamson. Pte Balerno HLI 1st 14/03/15  age 29 LeTouret,Fr
WILSON  Robert Alexander Son of Alexander and Janet Wilson, of Leyden Park, Bonnyrigg, Midlothian. Resident of Juniper Green. Pte none RSF 28/07/18  age 21 Salonika,Gr
WINTON James Cossar Son of William Sandilands Winton, of Firrhill, Colinton, Edinburgh, Scotland. Pte Balerno Canadians 31/05/16  age 29 Menin,Be
WYLLIE James  2possibles   Pte Juniper Green KOSB, , Cam 1918/1916 ?
WYNN Martin   Pte Balerno & Currie RDF 1/3/1918 Jerusalem Cem,Is
YOUNG  Nurse Jeanie A.   War Nurse Currie ? ? ?
YOUNG Peter Son of William Young, of Currievale, Currie,
Gnr Currie MGC 05/10/18  age 22 Tehran,Iran
YOUNG William Son of John and Margaret Young, of Glenbrook, Balerno, Midlothian, Scotland. Pte Balerno & Currie Canadians 15/08/17  age 25 Vimy,Fr
buried in Currie but not of the Parish. Yellow means         No Known Grave
MASON  Andrew of Ratho Pte Kirknewton Rscots 5/18/1916 Currie
PHILLIPS  Frank Pte Worlington, Suffolk Rscots 5/12/1917 Currie
Regiment Abbreviation Number
Kings Own Scottish Borderers KOSB 7
Royal Scots Rscot 49
Scots Guards S Guards 5
Australian Imperial Force AIF 4
Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) BW 5
Royal Field Artillery RFA 4
Highland Light Infantry HLI 8
Cameron Highlanders Cam Hldrs 4
Royal Dublin Fusiliers RDF 3
Gordon Highlanders Gordons 7
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders A&S 5
Canadian Expeditionary Forces Canadians 9
Royal Garrison Artillery RGA 3
Royal Flying Corps RFC 2
Royal Scots Fusiliers RSF 45
Army Service Corps ASC 1
Royal Army Medical Corps RAMC 4
Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) Cameronians 7
Royal Navy RN 2
Scots Greys S Greys 1
Royal Irish Fusiliers RIF 2
Kings Liverpool Regiment Kings Liv 1
Seaforth Highlanders Seaforths 2
Royal Horse Artillery RHA 2
Machine Gun Corps MGC 2
Royal Engineers RE 1
Manchester Regiment Manchesters 1
West Yorkshire Regiment West Yorks 1
Tank Corps Tank Corps 2
Royal Army Medical Corps RAMC 4
unknown 3