World War 2     all the names      
Name Relations Rank From Where Unit Date Where
ANDERSON George Stewart son of John and Georgina Anderson of Edinburgh Sgt Balerno RAFVR106 Sqn 20/12/42 age 22 Amsterdam Netherlands
ANDERSON John R. (4 possibles)   ? Juniper Green   ? ?
ARCHIBALD Douglas son of Andrew and Charlotte Archibald, husband of Jemima Archibald of Edinburgh Tpr Balerno 2nd Lothian & Border  Horse RAC 21/02/43  age 26 Tunisia
ATKINSON James Sheridan. son of John and Catherine Atkinson of Juniper Green Sig Currie RN HMS Curtana 07/03/41  age 21 Currie UK
BALLANTYNE John son of John and Alexandra Ballantyne of Juniper Green Sgt Currie RAF      88 Sqn 12/06/40 age 23 France
BENNETT George Henry Sydney son of Sydney and Madge Bennett of Parkstone Dorsetshire Sgt Currie RAFVR    144 Sqn 05/11/41  age 20 Runntmede UK
BLACK James Leadbetter   Pte Balerno 7/9th Royal Scots 15/01/45  age 26 Germany
BROWN Robert son of Robert and Annie Brown, husband of Christina Ponton Brown of Juniper Green L Bdr Currie 90th HAA RA 07/11/44  age 43 Netherlands
BRYCE James son of John and Edith Bryce of Juniper Green Cpl Currie 1st London Scottish 08/01/44  age 24 Italy
CANNON Peter   Pte Balerno Royal Corp of Signals attch RA 16/02/44   age 26 Italy
CORSE John son of John and Mary Corse of Juniper Green Ord S Juniper Green RN     HMS Swift 24/06/44  age 18 Portsmouth UK
ELDER George           (3 possibles)   ? Juniper Green   ? ?
FRIZZELL Gordon Abercrombie Center son of George Graham and Mary Jane Frizzell of Galasheils Sgt Juniper Green RAFVR 463 RAAF Sqn 18/12/44  age 20 France
GASCOIGNE George   Pte Balerno 7th York & Lancaster 05/02/45  age 27 India
HENDERSON John David son of John and Annie Henderson of Corstorphine Edinburgh Pte Currie 8th A&S 03/12/42  age 25 Tunisia
JOHNSTONE William (12 possibles)   ? Juniper Green   ? ?
LATTO John son of John and Marion Latto of Currie Midlothian Sapper Currie 214 Field Coy RE 23/04/43  age 27 Tunisia
MACDONALD William son of James and Janet Orr Macdonald of Juniper Green Pte Juniper Green Royal Scots 10/07/45 age 21 Colinton UK
MACGREGOR Robert Donald son of Rev Thomas MacGregor and Mary Liddell MacGregor of Balerno, Midlothian Sgt Balerno RAFVR 23/06/42  age 30 Kenya
MCNEILL John grandson of Agnes McNeill of Currie, Midlothian Pte Currie 6th Seaforths 18/01/44  age 24 Italy
MITCHELL Alexander George son of Thomas and Jemima Mitchell of Currie, Midlothian Sgt Currie RAFVR 175 Sqn 31/03/45  age 21 Germany
MOFFAT Alexander son of George and Jessie Moffat of Currie, Midlothian AB Currie RN       HMS Intrepid 26/09/43  age 19 Chatham UK
MYLES John son of Mr & Mrs John D Myles and stepson of Mary M Myles of Malleny Bank, Balerno, Midlothian Sig Balerno Royal Corp of Signals attch 26TH Indian Division 06/05/44  age 24 Bangladesh
NAPIER Robert Dickson son of Robert and Elizabeth Napier of Ccurrie, Midlothian Pte Currie 2nd Royal Scots 23/12/41  age 29 Hong Kong
NEAL Frederick S.   Flt Eng Juniper Green RAFVR 419 RCAF Sqn 5/14/1943 Germany
ORR Thomas MacLaren son of David and Janet Orr husband of Isabella Orr of Juniper Green Pte Balerno REME 16/10/42  age 30 Egypt
ROY Ian Alister. son of George and Ethel A Roy of Edinburgh Boy 1st Cl Juniper Green & Currie RN     HMS Hood 24/05/41  age 17 Portsmouth UK
RUSSELL David Geddes son of Mr & Mrs James Russell of Currie, Midlothian LAC Currie RAFVR 84 Sqn 01/03/42  age 28 Singapore
RUSSELL James Reid son of John S and Annie G Russell of Kirknewton, Midlothian Cpl Balerno 1st London Scottish 06/11/43  age 33 Italy
SCOTT Gordon Rennie son of Gordon Rennie Scott and Janet Blyth Scott of Edinburgh S Sgt Juniper Green REME 10/31/1944 Netherlands
SCOTT John Simpson son of Gordon Rennie Scott and Janet Blyth Scott of Edinburgh Flt Eng Juniper Green RAFVR   156 Sqn 1/3/1944 Germany
SNEDDON Robert   L Bdr Currie 165 HAA RA 9/22/1944 Netherlands
TODD William son of William and Janet Todd husband of Marion Todd of South Moor, Stanley, Co Durham L Bdr Currie 131 Field Regt RA 6/30/1944 France
VEITCH Ian Donald Cruickshank son of John and Jessie Veitch husband of Elizabeth I Veitch of Edinburgh. M.B.,Ch.B.(Edin) Major Currie RAMC 04/03/46  age 38 Currie UK
Buried in Currie but not of the Parish Yellow means           No Known Grave
SAMPSON Arthur William Victor Able Seaman 06/02/40  age 42 Currie UK