A note from the minister:


This week, I am beginning a phased return to work in the aftermath of our family bereavement. This has been a tough time for all of us as a family and we are grateful for all the cards and other expressions of support, concern and prayer that we have received in the days since Alistair died.


My return to work will be gradual; this week my sole focus will be the service that takes place on Sunday, both in preparing the material for worship and preparing myself to be able to conduct that service. The service on Sunday will be in-person in the church building, as well as on Zoom, and I will conduct that service, God willing. The service will be recorded and will be available to watch on catch-up if that is what you prefer.


I am trying to take small steps, so I will not be throwing myself into all that ministry in the congregation has been in the past. That means that there will be some changes in what we do: there will be written material, but that will a transcript of the Sunday sermon rather than the Update that we have sent out for the last 18 months. There will also be no video reflections for the next while, but there is a whole library of them on Youtube if you want something to watch.


As part of my return to work, I have been counselled that funerals will be too hard for me! I have accepted that counsel and to that end, Ian Wells, the minister of Ratho, has agreed to be responsible for funerals in Juniper Green until Christmas. After Christmas, I would hope that I would be able to walk with people through their bereavements and take funerals again. Ian’s contact details are:

Tel: 0131 333 1346

E-mail: ianjwells@btinternet.com


I am a work in progress in dealing with grief and in being able to exercise ministry; please be patient with me. I will do all that I can for you as and when I am able, but there may well be times when I need to step away. E-mails may take longer to have a reply; conversations may not happen exactly when you want them, but I will be for you as much as I can be; I will do for you as much as I can do. Please don’t hesitate to ask!


Again, Jean and I want to thank you for all of your expressions of support and love over these last few weeks; all of these expressions have been very much appreciated.