Coronavirus Covid-19 Update 18th July

You will be aware that Churches are now allowed to open for worship, albeit with limited numbers and with a limited style of worship, mainly no singing. Our Covid group of elders discussed this recently and their view is that we should be cautious and we should wait for now. So we have no plan to reopen the building soon.

The reasons we give for saying “be cautious”:

  • What we are able to do by way of worship is restricted: eg we can’t sing, so worship in the church building will be much the same as we are doing on Zoom at present.
  • When we open the building, some people will feel that they should be there, out of a sense of duty and obligation; some of these may well be people who should still be shielding or staying indoors; being there might put themselves in danger.
  • The way in which we are able to do things will be very regimented; there will always be a risk and we need to identify that as a congregation, but there will also be personal risks that individuals need to weigh up for themselves.
  • There will be a group who can be in church and a group who can’t; we might well create a “them and us” situation while at present we are all in the same boat.
  • The process of opening the building, and making sure that we use it safely, is complicated: there are a number of things that we would need to put in place eg signage, hand sanitisers, and the capacity to clean the building thoroughly between uses, that we have not yet got; until we have these things, we are not able to open.
  • We will look at the situation again in August; watch this space.

In the meantime, you can join us on Zoom – e-mail us for the link; you can read your Bible and pray with a cup of tea in your armchair;

God is still with us and His love is still endless in Jesus Christ.