Juniper Green Parish Church has a number of teams set up by the Kirk Session to help develop the appropriate aspect of the Church’s community life. Each Team has a mixed membership of Church elders and members of the congregation. Each Team is listed below along with its Remit. See separate Web Page for Kirk Session overall responsibilities


Bereavement Support Team:
1. To support the bereaved following a funeral.

Catering Team:
1. To provide informal refreshments after Sunday Morning Services, afternoon Communion Services and occasions such as Christmas and Easter

2. To organise, using outside contractors if required, catering for special events such as meals.

3. To ensure standards are maintained to meet current food hygiene legislation.

4. To ensure members providing catering are fully briefed on correct procedures, including preparation and presentation of food and drinks.

Choir and Music Group:
1. To lead sung praise Sunday by Sunday.

2. To prepare for and present sung praise for occasions such as Easter, Christmas and other such occasions.

3. To involve as many people as possible in worship through music including instrumentalists.

4. To ensure that organ, keyboard and pianos are serviced and repaired as may be required.

Christian Action Team:
1. To serve the community in the variety of ways presently pursued by the present Christian Action Team.

2. To provide a transport service for anyone needing transport to church, GP appointment, etc.

3. To consider and develop new spheres of service to the community.

4. To recruit people to serve.

Church News Team:
1. To produce a quarterly magazine containing Church news and events.

2. To maintain contact with Juniper Green Primary School.

3. To arrange distribution of magazines quarterly.

4. To arrange distribution of Easter, Christmas and other cards and leaflets as may be required.

5. To promote Life and Work magazine.

Cleaning Team:
1. To clean and tidy the church halls and ancillary rooms; church and main toilets are cleaned by a contract cleaner.

Communications Team
1. To produce and review annually a Communication Strategy for all aspects of Church life and witness.

2. To produce and oversee a Communication Plan that fulfils the Communication Strategy.

3. To regularly review effectiveness of all aspects of communication and suggest improvements such as new technologies as they may emerge.

4. To produce a rota for Sunday operation of sound system.

5. To produce a rota for Sunday operation of digital projection.

6. To update and review Church Web Site.

7. To update and refresh Church Notice Boards and Village Notice Board.

8. To communicate events to local press and community.

9. To be responsible for Church News Group.

Crèche Team
1. To provide care for babies and toddlers and simple amusement through informal activities and suitable toys during Sunday morning services.

2. Comply with all Safeguarding Regulations.

Development Group:
1. To act as a ‘think tank’ for new ideas and creative initiatives including those related to Mission and/or Worship.

2. To consider issues referred by the Kirk Session.

3. To ensure that Session Goals and Aims are progressed and updated.

4. To receive Presbytery and Assembly remits.

Door Duty and Welcome Teams
1. To be welcoming and encouraging to all members and visitors as they attend Sunday Morning Services and all other services as may be required including Afternoon Communions; Easter Services; Christmas Services; etc.

2. To collect, count and bank offerings.

3. To provide door duty cover for ad hoc events such as Church funerals as may be required.

Finance Team
1. To manage the income and expenditure of the church, allocating to separate funds as required.

2. To prepare the Annual Report and Accounts, in accordance with the SORP format, and an Annual Income and Expenditure Budget.

3. To promote congregational stewardship for the local and wider Church as well as for special projects.

4. To encourage and manage the use of Gift Aid.

5. To manage and analysis the WFO envelopes scheme.

6. To manage the church Insurance requirements.

7. To ensure employees are paid and annual tax returns submitted to the Inland Revenue.

Trustees’ Annual Report For 2011 Annual Report pdf version Annual Report word version


Flower Team
1. To provide a floral arrangements for all main services.

2. To operate a rota for members and others signing up to provide, arrange (or arrange on behalf of) and pay for flowers.

3. To provide flowers for delivery to the housebound, bereaved, sick, etc., as may be required.

Gardening Team
1. To keep Church grounds and garden areas tidy and attractive.

Guild of Friendship
1. To provide an opportunity for members of the church and local community to meet together regularly; members are mainly women but men are welcome to join and do attend.

2. To share a learning experience of Christians enacting their life here on earth.

3. To share friendship and give help where necessary.

4. To give support annually to nominated projects either through collecting money or goods, or making things, or organising events.

5. To hold meetings twice a month on Thursday afternoons. These include talks, musical events, short devotions and special services.

Kids’ Church
1. To provide a Christian learning experience and social interaction for children.

2. To ensure that all persons working with children are trained and approved in accordance with all Safeguarding Regulations.

MSM – Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre
1. To provide fellowship opportunities for Young Adults aged 16-25.

2. To provide opportunities for members to develop their faith through Bible Study and Discussion.

3. To observe and comply with all Safeguarding Regulations.

Nurture Team
1. To consider ways of allowing people to grow in faith.

2. To plan and run events which will promote Christian growth.

3. To encourage everyone in the congregation to learn.

Open Door Café and Toddler Group
1. To provide a relaxed, safe and informal meeting place for parents and small children.

2. To comply with all Safeguarding Regulations.

Pastoral Care Teams
1. To ensure that the Session’s Pastoral Care policies for members and others are carried out.

Prayer Team
1. To encourage the prayer life of the Church.

2. To prepare the Quarterly Prayer Diary.

3. To provide prayer support via e-mail circulation to members.

4. To plan and prepare bi-monthly prayer inserts in Church Intimations.

5. To publicise prayer events in JGPC, locally, and nationally.

Property Team including Security, Halls Letting, and Insurance
1. To ensure that Church, Manse, former Church Officer’s house and all grounds are well maintained.

2. To ensure security of premises.

3. To manage and supervise any work on the buildings.

4. To produce an Annual Inspection Report on the condition of all property.

5. To ensure all church property meets Health & Safety Regulations and all other statutory or legal requirements such as the Disability Discrimination Act, etc.

6. To ensure that all relevant building Insurances are up to date in liaison with the Finance Team.

7. To react promptly and appropriately to any emergency events such as fire or flood.

8. Oversee working of Gardening Team, Cleaning Team and Halls letting.

9. To progress the General Assembly remit of achieving 5% savings under ECO congregation approaches.

Rock Solid
1. To provide a Christian learning experience and social interaction for children.

2. To ensure that all persons working with children are trained and approved in accordance all Safeguarding Regulations.

Safeguarding Team
1. Ensure that all Church of Scotland Safeguarding requirements are complied with. These include, but are not limited to, References, Job Descriptions, Training, Disclosures, etc.

2. Maintain a Child Protection Register of all Personnel working with Children and Young People.

3. Submit names of all new people persons intending starting work with Children and Young People to Kirk Session for prior approval.

4. Ensure a Referral (Complaints) procedure is in place.

Social Team
1. To arrange social functions for entertainment and fellowship and with an underlying Mission agenda.

Summmer Mission Team
1. To run a Summer Mission for mainly local children of mainly primary school age.

2. To assemble a team to prepare for and run the Mission.

3. To prepare the programme and source all materials required purchasing as may be necessary.

4. To hold a parent’s evening during the Mission week.

5. To lead an all age service on the Sunday of the Mission week.

6. To ensure that all Safeguarding Regulations are followed.

Young Teens’ Group
1. To provide a Christian learning experience and social interaction for young teenagers.

2. To ensure that all persons working with young teenagers are trained and approved in accordance with all Safeguarding Regulations.