Heather’s Resources 1st August 2021

Read the Bible…

Today’s verses are found in Ephesians 2:1-10.  You can read them in a Bible or find them here.


Paul talks about how we all choose to live, sometimes making choices that separate us from God. But he goes on to say that God’s mercy is so plentiful, his love so deep and his grace so generous that even while we far from him, God chose to send Jesus to rescue us. Here’s something for you to think about:

·       JUSTICE – I get what I deserve – I get punished if I do something wrong.

·       MERCY – I don’t get what I deserve – I get let off my punishment.

·       GRACE – I get the opposite of what I deserve – instead of being punished I am rewarded.


From death to life

What is the best gift you’ve ever received?

Prepare yourself…

Lord God, you are the giver of life.

You bless us with all that we need – and with so much more.

Thank you for loving us so greatly.

Today we come to praise you and be with you.

Help us to know your presence with us.


These resources are designed to help you explore the Bible as a family together at home while we can’t go to church.  Be as creative as you want to be and enjoy spending time with each other and with God.


Talk together…

o   What choices have you made already today?

o   What impacted those decisions?

o   What are some things we might do that separate us from God?

o   How did/does God show his mercy and grace to us?

It could be easy to get weighed down and perhaps feel guilty when we think about all that we’ve done wrong, but the good news is Jesus has already paid the price for our sin and when we ask God for forgiveness we get a fresh start and he remembers our sin no longer, we’re free!

o   How could you thank God and celebrate right now?

o   Verse 10 says that not only did God make us who we are, but he wants us to live a life of good deeds. Not to earn his forgiveness, but simply to show his love to others. What could you do for someone else today or this week that shows love to them?



Pray together…

Paper chain prayers

Cut strips of coloured paper. On each strip write something you are thankful for. It could be thanking God for something you have or a person, but try to come up with thank you’s that are about God too. Once you’ve got lots of strips join them together in a chain that you can hang somewhere in your house.

Play together…

Play a word game such as taboo, balderdash or scattegories. You can look these up online for more detail!

Taboo – Guess a word using other word clues, but you cannot use a list of the more obvious words. Eg. If the word to guess was wedding, you wouldn’t be allowed to use bride, groom, marriage etc. Examples here: Taboo lists

Balderdash – Each person creates a fake meaning of an obscure word in the hope that others will pick their false meaning from a list of definitions.

Scattergories – Players list as many words belonging to a category and starting with a  given letter as they can.













Make something…


Use this online guide to create beautiful suncatchers you can hang in your window: https://babbledabbledo.com/art-for-kids-cosmic-suncatchers/

Praise together…

His mercy is more by Matt Papa & Matt Boswell

Jesus, we celebrate your victory

1 2 3 Jesus is alive

You forgive me – Lifetree kids




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