Heather’s Resources 8th August 2021

Read the Bible…

Today’s verses are found in Ephesians 2:11-22.  You can read them in a Bible or find them here.


Paul is reminding the church in Ephesus that all the old things that used to separate them – laws and rules and ways of living, have all been broken down because of Jesus. No one person or group of people are any better or more important that anyone else.

Paul says that Jesus has broken down walls that divide us. He helps us to build a new united community where God can live.


Can you build an archway out of Lego (or anything else you can find!)?

United in Christ

What makes you unique?

Prepare yourself…

Thank you, Jesus,
for what you have done.
You break down walls between us
and bring us together.
We thank you for making us
members of God’s household.
We praise your name today!

These resources are designed to help you explore the Bible as a family together at home while we can’t go to church.  Be as creative as you want to be and enjoy spending time with each other and with God.


Talk together…

o   What do you think is most important in a person?

o   Is there someone you find it difficult to get on with?

o   How could you improve this relationship?

o   Where do you see divisions in our world?

o   What do you think God wants for the world?

o   How should we live as Christians with other people?

o   What do you think it means to belong to the household of God?

o   How could you care for people in your community who might be seen as ‘different’? How can we be more welcoming?



Pray together…

Give each person a building brick or wooden block. Build them all into a structure. Pray together, asking God to help you break divides and care for people as he does.

Lord Jesus, you are our peace.

Help us to join together and grow into your holy temple, so we can live together in your love.


Play together…

Catch me if you can

Choose a ‘catcher’ and have everyone else line up on one side of the space. The catcher calls out different categories eg those with blue eyes, those wearing yellow etc. Everyone matching that description tries to run across to the other side without being caught by the ‘catcher’. Those caught become ‘catchers’ too. Continue until one person is left – they are the winner.

Although we are all different, God doesn’t want our differences to divide us.












Praise together…

Everybody’s welcome – Vineyard Kids

Build your kingdom here – Rend Collective

God of this city – Chris Tomlin

Make something…

Chocolate crispy cakes

You’ll need: 450g chocolate, 250g rice cereal, raisins or mini marshmallows (optional)

Melt the chocolate until smooth, mix in the cereal and extra ingredients. Spoon into cases and leave to cool.

Every ingredient is different, but they’re all needed and have to be mixed together.  Similarly, every person is different, but as Christians, Jesus helps us blend together to create a “dwelling place for God”.

Once cooled eat yourself or give some away!