Prayer Focus April 2023

Prayer Focus


April 2023




Our minister, Jim Dewar, has spoken several times recently of people in the congregation who have difficulty finding the words to use in private prayer.


One way to make the break-through is to build up a memory-bank of prayers people have found useful over the years. Here is a famous little prayer to help you begin.


It was written by one Richard of Chichester in English at a time when religious thoughts were usually recorded in Latin. Richard lived in the early twelve hundreds well before the advent of printing. It would be another one hundred and fifty years before the arrival of the first translation of the Bible into English.


Dear Lord, three things I pray:

To see thee more clearly,

Love thee more dearly,

And follow thee more nearly,

Day by day.


PAUSE READING   Write your thoughts on the three rhyming lines either overleaf or, better still, on a separate sheet of paper. If you can, make your responses Bible-related.




Some Thoughts

Line 1   Psalm 23:1                     The Lord is my Shepherd

John 3:16                God so loved the world…

Romans 10:9                         If you declare with your mouth “Jesus is Lord”…

Line 2   1 Samuel 1:27                Hannah  The Lord granted me what I asked of him.

John 20:28                              Thomas   My Lord and my God

1 Corinthians 13:13             The greatest if these is love

Line 3   Genesis 5:22    Enoch walked with God

Ruth 1:16                  Ruth  Where you go I will go

John 20:16                              Mary  Raboni (which means teacher)



All your answers were “right” answers!   (They were truly your thoughts)


Hopefully Richard’s words encourage you in your praying.